Company history

EGNER Dental-Manufaktur, which has merged with Ritter Concept GmbH, was founded in Konstanz (at the lake Konstanz) in 1953 by Mr. Kurt Girardelli. In 2002 he handed over the company to Joachim Egner. The beginning years of the company were focused on the production and distribution of automatic dental x-ray processors.


Already the first automats were characterized by the simple and very durable immersion development system. After a short time the brand GIRARDELLI reached an excellent reputation among dentists in Germany and many other countries. Over the years, the products were continuously improved and always brought to the newest level of technology.


With the introduction of the "ARIA"-series in 2010, the company took the chance to enter the field of manufacturing and distributing dental treatment units. Main priority was, to develop and produce an above-average dental unit in quality and function, but at a very reasonable price.


Additional products, such as analogue and digital x-ray machines, compressors, a line of furniture as well as hand-disinfection automats, round up the product portfolio.


In order to ensure the distribution chances of our reliable products in the long-run on the worldwide market, it was essential to merge with a global player in dentistry. This way the synergies of both companies can be well optimized. Therefore EGNER Dental-Manufaktur has merged in 2014 with the Ritter Concept GmbH, which looks back to a 125 year experience.



Tradition meets tradition!